Team O

Peter  Cook    574.252.6477

Valerie Clark   574.876.2945

Dugan Shelby 574.255.1150


Robinson Center Block Party
at Kelly Park 750 Howard St.,
South Bend, Indiana

Contact: Carl Hetler (SOS Block Party Coordinator)

Nursing Home:

20531 Darden Rd.,
South Bend, IN

Contact: Karen Martindale
574-272-0100 ext 288

1. Interact with Residents
2. Facility clean up if time allows.


Car Wash:

3921 N Main St,
Mishawaka, IN

Contact: Darren Dewitt
(SOS Carwash Coordinator)

House Project:

Home of Peggy Miller
12541 Day Rd.
Mishawaka, IN

Finishing morning groups work-
Landscaping (rocks) & Shed painting

if you think you’ll finish early call Cassie or Mark