Date Release for 2017

SOS 2017 dates have been finalized.

We will officially be having SOS 2017 the last weekend in June.

June 29th-July 2nd  [Click Dates for Promo]

Join us for the BIG 10 YEAR CELEBRATION!

Coming up…
-We will have fundraising opportunities for you and your congregation to take part in! Various restaurants partner with us to help make SOS possible…but we need you to EAT!

-An RSVP platform will be sent out for your church to say “YES, WE WANT TO COME!”
It will also give options of what your church would be willing to donate towards to collaborative effort…this is usually done as a church whole…ask your congregation to collect with you! We will also as you to log transportation (church vans or buses) in which we can use for the weekend. This platform will help us communicate together as the weekend comes together!

-Once final registration information is sent out make sure to be on top of it. We have a limited amount of space and we want you to be there. Late registrations will have an additional fee due to the time it takes to organize those late details. Remember Early is on time! 🙂


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